Rotundone Road Wine & Music Festival

14th October 2023

Spend the day listening to music and enjoying a glass of wine as you visit the wineries along the Rotundone Road:  Mount Langi Ghiran, Mountainside Wines and Dogrock. 

The Rotundone Road showcases the best cool climate wines from each winery, all with their unique and interesting varieties including Shiraz, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Viognier and Nebbiolo. 

Visit all three wineries and buy at least six bottles from each to collect your two free Riedel wine glasses.

> Details available from the wineries along the Rotundone Road

A winery tour through the mountains

The Rotundone* Road takes you on a journey through the Australian bush to visit three boutique wineries. Drive through the canopy of eucalyptus trees, get close to the sights and sounds of the native wildlife, smell our spicy, peppery, cool climate Shiraz and taste some of the best wines in Victoria. Less than one hour from Ballarat, you choose where your Shiraz Adventure begins. Visit the cellar doors of Mount Langi Ghiran, Mountainside Wines and Dogrock wineries.

*Rotundone is the compound responsible for the pepper aroma and flavour found in pepper (of course) but also a range of other herbs and fruits, including winegrapes, most notably in Shiraz. Incredibly Rotundone was only recently discovered by scientists from the Australian Wine Research Institute just over a decade ago and the wineries along the Rotundone Road were instrumental in helping identify this important compound.

Rotundone Road Wineries


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